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The word 'safari' means to be out and away, to be on a journey or travelling to remote areas. It is both a physical and spiritual journey that can be undertaken in many ways. For our safaris we use comfortable, fully-open Land Rovers, specially designed to give you maximum visibility over the landscape and the animals.

In the Land Rover you are accompanied by your professional guide and by a tracker, a team that will help you 'to read the book of nature'. We don't rush while o­n safari and there will be time to observe the wild animals, to see how they interact and to study their behaviour and their habitats. Days can be hot or cold, sunny or rainy but the wildlife of the Masai Mara is always in action. We will not only take you to the famous spots but also to the secret corners where you never meet another vehicle.

If you are passionate about birds, we are more than happy to help you identify new species among the 500+ that live in the Mara. Our guides are birdwatchers by instinct and by training.

On a game walk you will feel, touch and smell the trees, the bushes, the rocks and the tracks - and even the animal droppings - that make our area unique.

Wildlife is most active either early in the morning or in the late afternoon and evening. These are the two magic moments of a safari. After dawn, the light is perfect for photography and the sounds of the African bush start filling the air. This is the moment when we will explore the special, secluded areas behind Saruni Wild, where no other tourists go. The only other people that we shall meet will be the Maasai, armed with a spear and bow and arrows, guarding their herds of cattle. Later in the day, just before sunset, we will stop and think about the day that is about to end while drinking a sundowner. We will be right in 'the middle of nowhere' that is right in the centre of everything, surrounded on all sides by life and death, hunting and escape, sleeping and eating, mating and playing.