Saruni Wild - Masai Mara, Kenya

Where We Are

Saruni Wild is located on the border of Mara North Conservancy and Lemek Conservancy, right in the heart of the Mara plains in a forest populated by abundant 'plains game', right in front of the migration hotspots.

The camp is 15km away and a 40 mins' drive away from Saruni Mara lodge, and 19km and a 40 mins' drive away from Musiara Gate, the entrance into the Masai Mara National Reserve in the Masai Mara ecosystem, Kenya.

The GPS coordinates of the camp are: 1°3'4.234" S 35° 21' 41.468" E
Closest airstrip is Mara North Airstrip, about a 15 min’ game drive from the camp.

To see exactly where Saruni Wild is located in the Mara and for directions when driving from Nairobi, please download the PDF below.

To see the locations of all the lodges in the Saruni collection across Kenya, download the ‘Saruni Lodges Location Map’ below.

To learn more about the Mara North Conservancy, visit To learn more about the conservancies in the Masai Mara visit

Download the map below to have a better understanding of the Masai Mara ecosystem and of where in the Mara North Conservancy we are located.

Read about ‘The Success of the Conservancy Concept in the Mara’ in the Ndege News article (June-August 2015 edition) below:

To learn more about Mara North Conservancy, download their brochure here:

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